The Client's Advocate Photography & Self Promotion

                        "Let's make once in a lifetime... Last a lifetime"

We take great pride in providing our clients with the upmost quality of service. Our goal is to use our creative eye and visual instincts in capturing and preserving the very essence of your special event. The Client's Advocate understands the importance of a picture and its sentimental value. We strive for excellence and are dedicated in presenting the customer with a complete package of their choosing, which will be cherished for years to come.


Photography of a lifetime




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Are your cold feet freezing over due to cold hearted "Deals"?

Prevent frostbite with our smokin' hot prices and sizzling package deals. You can put a bigger rock on your fiancé’s finger without worrying about bankruptcy thanks to The Client's Advocate. We understand that focus of your big event should be about each other and not about some gold diggin' lazy photographer looking for his big break into your bank account. We offer a large variety of customized and affordable packages. We welcome special requests and will always be The Client's Advocate.


  • "My fiance and I have been shopping around for wedding packages and were sooooo happy to find the amazing deals you guys are offering! You guys offer tons more than everyone else..."
    You guys blow the competition out of the water!
  • "My fiance is HAPPY with the pictures, therefore I am happpppy with YOU. I was totally shocked at how well the pictures came out. I'll be at your evet on tuesday to book some pac..."
    John Byrns